Who we are

Vanessa Hammond.  Co-op developer with experience in 30 countries and a passion for co-ops that address the social determinants of health.  I’ve worked with start-ups and very experienced co-ops, groups of 3 to national organizations.  My interest is in ensuring that co-ops are established and maintained with maximum stability, satisfaction for members and all in the value chain, and a visible contribution to creating strong communities.

Chris Mather.  Outstanding co-op accountant.  Patient with the smallest book-keeping details, expert in presenting complex financial information in a format easily accessible to the average co-op member-owner.  Deeply committed to co-op principles.

Joyce Rankin.  Expert in business analysis, strategic planning, blending co-op principles with enterprise reality, bringing together the “heart” of a co-op with a totally logical approach to the enterprise aspects of production and service.